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By Claudia Wysocky

His hands smell of anemone and mushrooms

on a spring morning.


The sea is as flat as he is silent.

He’s a man who deals with silence and water, with

the weight of the stones in his pockets.


The tide has just begun to come back in, and he’s on the beach,

walking toward the town where I live alone, taking pictures of angles

and shadows that look like things they aren’t.

There are no waves at this time of day; there is only him.

I pretend that he is my father and I am his daughter.

I pretend that I have never been kissed.

I think about the way that he walks, and how he smells like my mother’s garden

in the summertime, before it was taken away from her by the wind.

Claudia Wysocky, a Polish writer and poet based in New York, is known for her diverse literary creations, including fiction and poetry. Her poems, such as "Stargazing Love" and "Heaven and Hell," reflect her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions. Besides poetry, she authored "All Up in Smoke," published by "Anxiety Press." With over five years of writing experience, Claudia's work has been featured in local newspapers, magazines, and even literary journals like WordCityLit and Lothlorien Poetry Journal. Her writing is powered by her belief in art's potential to inspire positive change. Claudia also shares her personal journey and love for writing on her own blog, and she expresses her literary talent as an immigrant raised in post-communism Poland.

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