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By Sylvester Kwakye

  1. the autumn fall / is a fall in love

/about the guy who falls in love ahead of [ ]self/


before the moon would roll back its tides

from the salinized shore this November


i; a bone clay of hope on the beak

of singing toucan


riddles myself again into another funerating

episode of a doveying escapade


in context:


while my messages spin beneath 

the shadows of the eaves of [ ] ego


i blurred on conscience under the autumn spell

of love saying this might work if i tried harder


until i remembered from my anatomy lecture


if you have no idea of the bone strength in someone’s arms

do not fall for them—

they might leave you broken / fractured

or somehow not wanting to live.



[ ] — insert a 3rd person singular possessive adjective

Sylvester Kwakye is a Ghanaian medical student, and author of Flying From Nectar To Hive, a self-published anthology. His poems have been published/forthcoming in Writing Woman Anthology Vol 3, New Note Poetry, Metachrosis Literary Magazine, Cool Beans Lit, Passionfruit Review, Rising Phoenix Press, Wingless Dreamer Publisher, Ignatian Literary Magazine & the archipelago.

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