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The Stars


By Seren Wolfe

plunging the black depths between stars
in search of new skies, she tore apart herself.

fine-toothed asteroids skip over tendons stretched wide

to catch an opportunity she could not miss,
too many lives, congregated at the gates of her heart

and on the doorstep of exploration.

dark space caresses the curvature of home
a place no one should go alone,
but here was where the end would be, lonely

and yet so full; almost to bursting were the eyes

of her reason for living.

and she had never let them down yet.


and she would not now.

Seren is an award-winning poetess, an author, visual artist, and witch, located in beautiful British Columbia. She has been writing for nearly twenty years, focusing on fiction and poetry. She enjoys writing the occult, religion, love, death, and women.

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